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John’s musical journey began around the age of two. As a young child he would often play his mother’s piano, but not the way you’d expect from a toddler. He would try to pick out tunes he’d heard and would frequently try to discover notes that sounded good together.

Though his fingers can now stretch a lot further, this time-tested methodology remains.

Throughout his school years, John was involved in choirs, jazz bands, and musical theater as both a performer and a musical director. His involvement in rock bands began during his Sophomore year in high school and has continued, in one form or another, to this day. This kind of broad range is one of his signatures: eclecticism. He often says that there is not a style that he doesn’t enjoy listening to, and he strives for the same mark of diversity in his own music.

In 2001, John hit the San Diego County music scene as a singer/songwriter. He quickly gained attention in several local coffee bars, restaurants, and clubs. His ability to blend a wide spectrum of cover songs with his own original music made him a venue’s first call when they were looking to book entertainment. During this time, he also joined the Positive Music Association and began performing at many of the Centers for Spiritual Living in the greater San Diego area.

Fast forward to 2008, and John has taken the Music Director position at Center for Spiritual Living, Temecula Valley where he has continued to hone the more spiritual nature of his music. He has continued to gig heavily in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles Counties. He has also had the opportunity to provide a musical score for the independent film “Rehearsal” and for a children’s edu-tainment cartoon pilot called “The Ironical Chronicles”. Along with these recording credits, he enjoys being a respected go-to session musician for other artists at several noteworthy San Diego studios.

To date, John has released four studio albums. Future plans include the construction of a bonafide studio space, plenty more writing, recording, and performing, producing, music licensing, and publishing. You just never know where he’ll pop up next!

In 2014, John and his wife, Tina, founded Love Notes Creative: a business dedicated to all forms of art that serve to elevate and inspire humanity. This business is centered at their home in Wildomar, CA where they live with their two children, two dogs, and pet turtle.

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